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The Career Technical Education (CTE) Identity Framework Webinar Recording & Resources

Webinar Recording


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As a nation, we need to replace the pervasive negative stigma of CTE with positive images as a primary path towards good jobs, not an alternative path associated with concepts of “lesser” and “menial.” This project will bring awareness and “message discipline” to how career technical educators and supporters talk about and present CTE, eradicating the old stereotype and, over time, replacing it with a new, more aspirational identity. Such discipline and awareness are a necessary first step to correct social biases that impede students from entering and thriving in CTE programs and graduating into self-supporting careers.





Webinar Resources

Addressing the Need for a National CTE Identity Framework: A Blueprint for the Next Generation of High Quality CTE (White Paper)


The Sustainability Education and Economic Development Center

Originally created at the American Association of Community Colleges and housed at the National Council for Workforce Education – over 1000 vetted resources.

UNEP Global Guidance Doc – Education on Green Jobs and Workforce Development

This report provides an overview of education on green jobs with connections to many resources. It includes key actions for educators preparing students to participate in the just transition to a green and more inclusive economy.

World Bank Green Workforce Event Resources

Collection of resources for various audiences gathered for a webinar on the topic “Connecting Sustainable Energy Businesses with Education: Getting the Workforce You Need.”

UNEP Little Book of Green Nudges

Quick guide to reducing the environmental impact of college campuses through behavioral change in the form of a concise and user-friendly publication.

Race to Zero

List of members who have joined the Race to Zero coalition, which promotes zero carbon recovery.

Changing Curricula to Educate for Sustainable Development

Collection of resources gathered for a webinar on the topic: “Changing Curricula to Educate for Sustainable Development.”

New York Times report outlining the toll of rising global temperatures.

Resource page for educators on apprenticeships, with resources for teachers, students, parents, on middle school, high school, and community colleges.

Career exploration tool, powered by O*NET occupational information. Includes interest profiler assessment, and info on skills, knowledge, credentials, training, and even career videos for various occupations.

Mobile-ready website to help youth and young adults explore careers, learn about education and training options, and finding and applying for employment.

MEP National Network.

America Makes – National Innovation Institute for Additive Manufacturing.

Manufacturing USA (Network of National Innovation Institutes)