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Office of the Assistant Secretary (HHS) awards multi-year contract to ASHLIN Management Group

ASHLIN Management Group was recently awarded a multi-year federal contract to help improve the overall quality of primary care for patients across the nation. The contract, issued by Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health (OASH), involves gathering and presenting meaningful data to the Primary Care Community that promotes best practices and ideal service coordination with other medical professionals.  The team will establish a federal foundation devoted to high-quality health care for all.

“We are honored to have been selected to support OASH as they construct the federal foundation to increase health care access, improve health outcomes and advance health equity by strengthening primary health care,” said ASHLIN CEO Linda Botts, who founded the company in 1996.

The team will be joined by Dr. Diane Rittenhouse, who is nationally recognized for her research on innovative ways to organize and deliver primary care and her ability to translate this research into policy. With over 20 years of engagements, ASHLIN is a national leader in providing digital solutions and professional services to the public and private sectors.