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Business Intelligence: Take Command of Your Data

March 18, 2021 by in Business Intelligence

References to Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Visualization are fairly commonplace in business, yet despite their power to help organizations be better, many organizations still lack the ability to unlock this potential to advance themselves ahead and optimize their operations. There is an overwhelming need for senior and mid-level managers to acquire the skills to be able to use data correctly in setting course. All too often data is used intentionally, or unintentionally, to support a foregone conclusion that was determined prior to having the data available.

There is also another, more systemic issue around why organizations might not be using data to effectively drive performance and outcomes: lack of confidence the data in and of itself can sufficiently explain outcomes. Therefore even though the data may tell one story, there is a rationalization that the data is not telling the “complete” story. While there is no doubt that there can be explanations for events that may not be captured in the data we collect, in certain instances, it is a slippery slope when we fail to recognize the power of data to provide insights to better understand the drivers of outcomes.

What is needed in order to remove these obstacles to creating a true data-driven culture is a sort of level-setting initiative to redefine how organizations use data. Click the link below to read more of the Business Intelligence: Take Command of Your Data white paper.

BI: Take Command of Your Data White Paper