Workforce Development

Helping agencies and organizations to provide successful and sustainable training and employment opportunities

ASHLIN knows that career training and access to meaningful employment is key to personal and family health and well being, especially in underserved populations. Since its inception in 1996, ASHLIN has committed itself to improving workforce development and employment opportunities for communities most in need. ASHLIN has a long history of partnering with Federal, State and local agencies, as well as with community-based organizations and public school systems, on workforce development programs for adults and youth. ASHLIN’s workforce development
services include:

  • Career Technical Training and Curriculum Development
  • Development of Standards and Metrics
  • Development and Implementation of Standards-Based Education and Training Approaches
  • Design of Industry-Certified Technical Courses
  • Staff Development, including Curriculum and Training Materials Development, Training, and Training of Trainers
  • Webinars and eLearning
  • Youth Programs