Staff Augmentation

Helping organizations to grow and increase capacity

ASHLIN understands that organizations need support and help with staffing in order to grow and increase their capacity. In today’s rapidly changing world, workforce requirements can be challenging, particularly when they fluctuate and must be met quickly. ASHLIN leverages its expertise in staff development and capacity building to assist agencies and organizations in building intellectual capital through the addition of high quality individuals who have the skills needed to produce desired results. ASHLIN’s emphasis is two-fold and equally focused on customer service and employee satisfaction. With ready access to diverse networks of highly skilled professionals who can provide onsite and remote technical and administrative support services for human services, public health, workforce development, education, and other types of organizations, ASHLIN is a true strategic partner in working with agencies and organizations to produce desired outcomes. ASHLIN’s staff augmentation services include:

  • Comprehensive Client Needs Assessment
  • Resource Gap Analysis
  • Human Resources Planning and Strategy Implementation
  • Staff Recruitment, Acquisition and Placement
  • Staff Supervision
  • Staff Training Courses  
  • Development of Staff Training Guides and Webinars
  • Performance Appraisals